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Let's save some money AND the environment! :-)


Baja Boutique is continuously aiming to be more environmentally friendly and more socially responsible and as such we use natural ingredients and recyclable / reusable jars to deliver high quality products. In an effort to be even more sustainable and to also reduce waste we are proud to introduce the Burn, Return and Earn Recycle Program! For every used candle jar received in good condition you will get 10% off on your next candle purchase.


  1. Burn your Baja Boutique candles and soak the jars once used.
  2. Ensure the jar is clean and completely empty. Jars must be in the same condition in which they were purchased i.e, no chips, cracks etc.
  3. If dropped off, please wait for a confirmation within 2 working days. You will receive an email with a discount code for your next purchase.
  4. If you drop off at a vendor market, the jars are checked and the discount is applied then and there towards your next candle purchase.
  5. Email with any questions or clarifications.


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